Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dinner in Crazy Town

Today was a very hectic day and this beautiful day followed a night of extremely limited, interrupted, restless sleep. 
I'm pretty sure my virtually non-existent sleep resulted from Monkus knowing that she was going on a field trip today, thus resulting in being so excited that she didn't sleep, which meant I didn't sleep.

This evening I got home in just enough time to make a dinner not approved by dietitians everywhere.
My less than five minutes of labor intensive kitchen culinary skills produced a cinnamon raisin bagel and yogurt.
I do what I can.

Halfway through Addie's meal, she saw a raisin on my plate.
She looked at me, looked back at the raisin and looked at me again.
She then asked, "What's that?".
I told her it was a raisin at the same time her little fingers were going to pick it up.
She proceeded to put the raisin in her mouth and then started shaking her head in disgust and saying, "Bug!".

As if!

I have failed as a mother if my Little Monkus thinks that I would let her pick up a bug, much less eat it!
We are both extremely sleep deprived, that is the only explanation I have.


Jenn & Kristyn said...

So funny! Hey, those are my dinners these days too!
I LOVE the picture of little Addie pa Tattie!