Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It Brings Me Joy

to see my Monkey jumping on the bed.
I am so very blessed for these moments.
The moments that many other parents never have the opportunity to cherish.
While my first instinct is to correct the Monkus and make her sit down, my heart takes over and I take in every aspect of the moment.

She was standing on her bed, touching each letter of her name.
She tried to name each letter, and knew that there was an "A", "D", "I" and supposedly an "E" in there somewhere, but didn't get the sequence just right.

I think that having her full name spelled out for her genuinely confused her.  
She was expecting A-D-D-I-E and when she got to the "S", it threw her off.
Even without naming each letter perfectly, I was still just enamored with watching her.
She can jump on her bed and tries her best to spell her name and each miracle moment is an absolute gift from God that I am so very thankful for.

In the moments after these pictures, I started searching for the "E" to modify the letters on the wall for Addie.
While I know she should learn to spell her full name, she only hears "Addison" when she is in big trouble!

Not surprising, Restoration Hardware no longer carries the exact letters, and ebay failed to come through for me as well.
So....if anyone happens to have an extra "E" laying around from Restoration Hardware, let me know.
It would be put to very good use - to teach a miracle Monkey to spell and recognize her name, while jumping on her bed.