Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pure Joy

Dance brings Addie so much joy.
Pure joy doesn't require perfection.

Summer dance camp is now officially over
without Addie speaking a word, I know how very much she is going to miss dance class.

Seeing the joy and excitement on Addie's face confirmed that we need to proceed with 
fall dance class.

Just because Addie doesn't display the grace and coordination of other dancers, doesn't mean she doesn't possess the will to succeed.
She worked so hard during class and worked so hard at home.
Other than one little part that we are working diligently on, Addie kept up with the rest of the routine - although not always correctly.

It is just so heartwarming to see her participate in something that she has so much passion for.
I hope and pray that if Addie continues to love to dance, that an opportunity will always be available for her.

Tonight, Julien shoved me out of the way to get the best view of Addie through the window.
We do find pure joy in watching our Little Monkey proving them wrong one step at a time!


jennohara said...

Oh my Goodness, I LOVE this!!!! She's doing so great in there!