Monday, July 29, 2013

Splash Pad....Runner Up

I told Chris last year that I want a splash pad in our back yard.
Other than the fact that it would set us back by only about $200,000 and then we would have to install a super mega fence to keep the dogs whose owners don't understand leash laws out, I don't see a problem in getting one installed.

Addie loves it!

There was a bit of drama throughout this visit.

It all started because Addie was convinced that she could fill up her water bottle from the spray of water surrounding her and when her Daddy took her water bottle away, the bottom lip came out and there was some pouting that took place...

although not evident here.

Then, additional drama began - all over the buckets - again.

The way kids go crazy over the buckets, you would think they were made of solid chocolate.
This time, we brought three buckets with us so that we could share with other children.
It turned rather ugly with children taking the buckets from other children and finally ended with Chris having to put the buckets up altogether, which meant nobody got to play, including Addie!

From here on out, I'm taking hundreds of buckets with me and they will be available to purchase for a reasonable fee.

I couldn't decide if this was neat or creepy.
Julien's vote was on creepy.

After a bit of coaching, Addie agreed to check out all the hype of standing underneath the big red bucket.

She thought it was pretty funny

and went back for a second turn.

After ending our visit at the splash pad, we took in a bit of people
snake watching.

However, we did not partake in playtime in the potentially snake infested water.