Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Not a Circus Monkey

One of the gifts that so happened to end up in the UPS truck and then to our door during  Julien's absence was a new bike with a temporary semi flat tire.

My Little Monkey, dressed in her Christmas pajamas and Julien's shirt, promptly wanted to give it a try.
Although we have been working so hard over the last few years on walking, running, and climbing stairs, riding a bike has not made it to our list of accomplishments.
It certainly is not for lack of trying.

I tried putting on her shoes, adding in her very important bike helmet, pushed her around the house for her to get the feel of how her feet and legs moved on the pedals, all the while she tried and tried.

I finally gave her a big hug and told her that we would keep trying because riding a bike was so much fun, but also took a lot of work.
I love how she is determined and wants to succeed.


We took a break and upon arriving back home, tried it once again...and this time, it wasn't Monkey's inability to pedal the bike that prevented her forward motion.

It was spoiled rotten Rudy who wanted to be in the middle of the action.

June 16, 2013


Jenn & Kristyn said...

Love the new bike, and LOVE how she's so determined! She'll get that before you know it. The biggest thing is having the patience to figure it out, and that sweet monkey has patience. :)