Monday, July 22, 2013

So Much Summer Fun!

We are keeping very busy this summer, and visits to area splash pads are topping our list of  things to do.
However, once again, the John Mark Stallings Splash Pad is our favorite.

Addie was a little more daring this year and didn't hesitate quite as much to get into the spray of water.

She loved filling up her bucket and running and pouring it all over my legs as I stood trying to take pictures of her!

She loved hearing me laugh and try to dodge her efforts.

She finally made the dash through the tunnel and then spent the next couple of hours laughing and playing.
I love seeing her so happy!


Lisa Pitts said...

I know when I am in need of a smile, I can go to your blog and see Addie's beautiful smile in some picture on it and it will just brightens my day. She is beautiful!!