Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good grief she's tough!

Not one single tear was shed.
Chunky Monkey lost her balance and fell.
She fell at the top of the stairs, the safety gate caught her, but retaliated (I am not sure what I'm thinking about this gate right now - it obviously kept her from falling, but a sharp edge in the design of the gate - that we never noticed before - caused a bit of damage in the process).
The little Monkey was pleased as punch to point out her battle wounds. She watched intently as I cleaned and sanitized the area.

Sanitizing wash, Polysporin and four big boo-boo band-aids later, Monkey is on her way back to being as good as new.


Ashley said...

bless her heart, that gate got her good!! :(

jennohara said...

Awe! She is so tough! Thank goodness that gate was there though.

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

The safety gate got her? That's not fair, it's suppose to protect her, not bite her. :-( Give her XOXOXO from Aunt Nonna.

csmith said...

Ouch!!!! Glad she is okay now! Carie