Sunday, July 04, 2010

Go right ahead and think less of me...

It's really alright.
I promise.
It was 9:00 at night, Monkey was crying and we would have done anything to make it better. We had stopped at our favorite BBQ restaurant and there were leftover cheese muffins and butter in the car.
Monkey is all about the little dipping containers and once she set her eyes on the container, that is all she wanted.
So, in an effort to make life better for everyone, I gave it to her.
Life was much, much better although her cholesterol level was much, much higher - for just a little bit.
It is called desperation and I am proud to announce that Monkey was very, very quiet for the rest of our car ride.


Julie said...


csmith said...

I am so there with you Jenn! Carie :-)

jennohara said...

Hey, do what ya gotta do!
Who doesn't like the left over dip??
Plus, she's extra cute with dip all over her face! :)

Kim said...

I can't tell you how much butter Madi has eaten over the course of 4 years...she loves it and anytime we eat out and there is rolls she gets her spoon and the butter and goes to town!!! LOVE it, and I am sure Addie loved it even more!!