Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a HUGE relief!

I know that most of you know at least one person who makes a career out of going to school.
My husband is one of those people.
He went to school long enough that he could be a doctor or a lawyer or one of the many other professions that guarantees astronomical student loan debt and beautiful houses high atop the mountain.
One small detail, he isn't a doctor or a lawyer, but he is finally finished with school - he's done. He swears he is never going back and I promise you that I couldn't be more thrilled or more proud of him!
With our schedules, there was only one night that we could get our friends together in order to celebrate and that was last night.
We had such a great time...but as you all know, we don't leave our home (or stay in our home) without some oddity or drama occurring.
Last night was no exception.

This is the best picture that we could get and it was after my makeup was destroyed and after we had sweated buckets...good thing you can't smell us.

The rest of the story requires you to pay a little bit of attention if you choose to follow along...

We went to a great Mexican restaurant where valet parking is usually a smart option and the atmosphere is conducive to a good time.

The night started off with the valet parking.

We paid to valet park five feet from where we dropped our car.

To make it even more humorous, when we were on our way back out, we were in a hurry to catch up with friends, the lady in front of us had lost her valet ticket and although we literally could take a few steps and be at our car, we had to wait and wait and wait for the keys...since we were in an incredible hurry, Chris paid the guy and told him that he would just get the car himself.

It is a very good thing that we were already completely tickled from the events that had just happened, so we had a great sense of humour about the situation.

What occurred just prior to that was beyond hilarious.

Apparently due to the language barrier, our server failed to understand that we needed the bill for the evening split out. The server decided that he was going to split the bill evenly instead of according to who ordered what. A bit ridiculous because some of us had more drinks than others, which upped the bill.

When the server brought the bill, it was split evenly and we all owed (for example) $37.67. As I was finishing off my frozen yummy beverage, I noticed that there was something odd at the bottom of my glass. I took my straw and poked at the bottom hoping beyond all hope that it wasn't what I thought it was. Well, it was what I thought it was, but thank goodness it was on the underside of the glass and not in the glass.

It was a cricket and he apparently had been smooshed on the underside of my glass from the get go.

As I passed the glass off to my girlfriend, I started laughing and just couldn't stop. I was laughing so hard that I was crying and tears were streaming down my face at about the same time the server came back. When he asked if there was anything else that he could remove from our table, I held up the glass and told him that he could remove "this" and pointed.

Blah, blah, thing you the manager is at our table and tells me that he will take the drink off the bill and I politely reminded the server that I specifically requested that he bring me my dish with "no meat" and that meant "no meat" at all...

He did get my joke and chuckled a bit, from pure relief, I imagine, and took our bills to recalculate them.

He removed my frosty beverage and two frosty beverages from another couples bill because they had already paid at the bar.

When the bills came back Chris and I owed $45.98 and the other couples owed $41.57 and $51.20.

We all sat looking at the bills trying to figure out the Alabama math and just couldn't figure it out. At that point, we were all so tickled and just decided that we needed to leave before they decided to recalculate our bills...again.

There is no telling how much the cost of dinner would have gone up to.

A big thanks to my Mom for watching my children so that we could have a great night out with friends...we needed it and had great reason to celebrate!