Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ever so slowly

Progress is being made.
Chunky Monkey made a bee-line to the ladder as soon as she saw it set up in her room.
It took a bit of effort, but she made it up two steps and then we grabbed her!
We wouldn't let her even attempt to climb any further since the tray on the ladder was full of items that would not agree with human consumption or keeping the body free from cuts and abrasions.
Still...we were so proud! Checking out her bed and trying to find her blankie.

A little help from her Mommy and blankie was safe from falling debris.
Life was good again.


jennohara said...

All I can say is GO ADDIE!!
On a sidenote...her little pig tails couldn't be cuter!

Julie said...

She's getting so big!!! YAY ADDIE!