Thursday, July 01, 2010

100% Humidity

Between the months of March and October each and every year, I spend countless hours wondering why I felt compelled to move back to Alabama.
Who willingly subjects themselves to this kind of heat and humidity?
There is something seriously wrong with the alignment of the planets when I have to turn the air conditioning down to 68, turn the fan on in my bedroom and bathroom and turn the vanity lights off in my bathroom just to be able to blow dry my hair without sweat running down my back....and please tell me WHO thought it was a bright idea to build a sky light into the ceiling of my bathroom when we live in a region of the world where it reaches 110 degrees before daybreak?
Therefore, it was no surprise that I thought my children's flesh would burst into flames midway through our morning at the park.

It was so hot that after a few minutes of walking around the park, Addie crawled up the stairs to the playground platform and laid down in what appeared to be an effort to take a nap.

She may not be able to verbally tell me what she needs, but her actions were quite clear - enough was enough - it was time to go!


jennohara said...

I always say that Hanna says what she needs to say with actions and cues. She makes her point clear and that's all we need right now. :) She can take her time with talking.