Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think it's the heat

that is making everyone teeter on the verge of insanity.
It's July, it's Alabama and it's HOT. Miserably hot.
This week has just been crazy. The little Monkey is having a tough week and has been so upset in the evenings. My nights have consisted of trying to calm a crying and fearful Monkey, leaving me with no time for anything else.
In an effort to keep my blog from shutting down due to inactivity, the following short story is necessary.
I fully realize that I didn't tell you guys a very sweet Monkey story.
With just a little bit of help and encouragement, my little Monkey can can do two very amazing things:
1. She can count to ten while singing a song or following along with someone counting with her or singing to her, and;
2. She is so incredibly close to singing her ABC's with assistance! She can say almost all of the letters (although not perfectly, but you know what she is intending to say) and is so happy when we reach letter "Z"!
It is the sweetest sound ever! If I ever find the cord to recharge the camcorder ...or if I can steal my husbands phone, I will capture the moment to share!
We are seeing a little bit of progress and it is such a beautiful sight!