Saturday, July 03, 2010

Yet one more loss

Yet one more beautiful life was lost yesterday.
Kembra, the assistant director (read the story here) at Addie's daycare drown while trying unsuccessfully to save a toddler (who is from our little community).
This beautiful woman made an amazing impression on me from the very first time that I met her because she never once treated Addie any differently than any other child.
She was always so proud of Addie's progress and was more than willing to help her in any way.
As you all know, we have been working so hard to get Addie ready to move up to the next classroom at school.
Kembra was scheduled to begin taking Addie to her new classroom next week (when she returned from the beach) in an effort to get Addie ready for the transition.
The last time that I saw Kembra, she was sitting in her office.
She was holding a little boy on her lap and he was reclined back up against her chest.
She was being so sweet to him and I remember thinking that he must either be sick or hurt and they must be waiting on his parent to arrive.
I was on my way out the door to work and just seeing the love she was showing him made me smile.
She was always so loving to the children and the children loved her.
Please pray for her family.
She leaves behind three girls of her own.


Kim said...

So sad...we too will be praying for her family...

Anonymous said...

I read the paper this morning and was so hoping that I was wrong about this being Bright Horizon's Kembra. What a horrible loss.
-Kathryn Coltrane

Anonymous said...

God bless Kembra's family as well as the family of the sweet girl she was trying to save. What a tragic loss for all of us. Kembra is still a hero in my book!