Saturday, December 05, 2009

Looks can be deceiving...

Isn't this sweet?
A picture of sweet B&B with Santa.
Oh, and the outfits...just adorable!
We stood back, holding a Monkey that was screaming, shaking and crying as we watched our dear friends place their beautiful children on the lap of this gentle looking man who holds so much magic in the eyes of children. Then there is the little Monkey who was quite certain that this gentle looking man eats small children for breakfast.
Monkey did fairly well the first time Santa walked past our table.
She waved bye-bye to him and was happy to see him go.
The second time Santa walked by our table, Monkey hit meltdown and there was no turning back.
Chris had to take Monkey out for a walk in order to calm her down just enough so that the other guests at the fundraiser could eat in peace.
What is it that I keep telling myself?
Oh's either laugh or cry, so I choose to laugh, so much easier on the mascara.
We obviously do very well at disturbing the peace, so if anyone is looking for a way to liven up a boring Christmas event or needs a child who will take the focus off of your whiny toddler, just let us know.
We guarantee to make you feel that your children are the most well-behaved children at your next social event!


jennohara said...

Awe...honestly I think it's a good thing if your child gets a little freaked out to sit on a strangers lap! I'll be a little disappointed if Gracie gladly sits with Santa this year...I KNOW Hanna will have a meltdown...

Anonymous said...

Well, she looked adorable! Brooks hit meltdown this year with Santa too! We went to ride the Polar Express and Santa got on the trian and he went crazy, and there was no walking around outside the train! So, he just had to bother people! I was thinking Merry *&#@$%&** Christmas!

April Henderson

Sandy said...

You are hillarious! I hate that we missed this fund raiser this year. Allie actually sat on Santa's lap without the issues I expected, which should concern me somewhat. I'd be afraid of a bit fat man in a red suit wanting me to sit on his lap! I'm glad Addie didn't get to tell her how she was supposed to act. :-) yes... just keep laughing! You'll laugh years from now over all this and why miss out on that laughter now? Merry Christmas!