Friday, December 11, 2009

The Little Yellow Lab

He was included in the gift bag at the fundraiser we attended.
The dog was was made of soft, squishy material and was the perfect size for little hands.
From the moment Addie saw another little girl holding one of the dogs, she had to have one.
I don't believe that her initial intent was to maul the dog to death, nor do I believe that the incident that took place after we left the party was performed with malice.
The party that we attended was just minutes from our home.
We were not more than two minutes from our home, when I heard Addie trying to talk to me.
I looked back at her and found that she was a bit distressed.
She was holding the decapitated body of the Little Yellow Lab in her left hand and the decapitated head of the Little Yellow Lab in her right hand.
She was trying desperately to reattach his head.
I reassured her that everything was okay, that we would be home soon and that I would take care of him (by disposing of him in the trashcan as soon as she fell asleep).
Addie continued to try to talk to me and at one point became a little more assertive with her attempt to communicate with me.
I looked back at her to find her desperately trying to show me the decapitated head of the Little Yellow Lab.
I reached back and took each part of the dog in an attempt to show her that I would help.
It wasn't until I took the head and body in my hands that I realized what exactly Addie was trying to tell me
The head of the Little Yellow Lab was missing one very important part.
I glanced back at Addie as she was putting her hands to her mouth and saying "yuck".
"Yuck" was right.
My sweet baby girl had decapitated this poor dog...then proceeded to bite off his nose and swallow it.
Poor dog...
I tried to convince myself that the nose that was now soaking in my baby girls stomach acid was made from 100% natural paint products.
I also tried to convince myself that this nose and the head that it used to be attached to was made right here in the good old U.S. of A., not in a country that could possibly rhyme with Dinah.
That poor Little Yellow Lab is now resting in peace.
Yet one more reason why we don't own a dog.


jennohara said...

Haha!! This one made me laugh out loud. I'm sure he was at least non-toxic. :)
Poor little guy.

Stephanie said...

Hahaha! Poor dog.

Nicole said...

Had to laugh out loud on that one!

Donna said...

I worked with a child who ate the wiggly eyes off "monkeys" that velcroed to a mitt for the song, "Five little monkeys". I'm thinking the puppy's nose will turn out the same way as the eyes......

Just remember in all of your frustration: "this too shall pass". Just don't be surprised when the puppy's nose reappears!!