Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wanting so much to be a big girl.

When I picked Monkey up from school the other day, her teacher told me that she had crawled over to her walker at one point during the day and was pointing to it. She wanted her teacher to unfold it and get it out for her to use. She is so proud of herself and is doing better and better with it.
In fact, she is doing so well, that I have ordered her a walker of her own and hopefully, it will be in this week!!!

Monkey is getting much better at climbing. She can climb up onto things that are about the height of a stair or smaller. She still has to concentrate to be able to do it, but her persistence pays off.
Chris, Monkey and I had to go out yesterday to finish up some Christmas shopping. We made our way to the book store, I delegated Chris to the magazine section, while Monkey and I went to the children's section. While I was looking for my intended buy, Monkey spotted a row of little chairs lined up and started wiggling and pointing. I put her down in front of the chair and after a good bit of effort, she climbed onto the chair, turned around and sat down. She had this huge grin on her face and was so proud of herself! I let Monkey sit there while I looked on the shelf next to her. She sat sweetly, just looking around until I was done and then she was more than happy for us to be on our way.
She finds such joy in sitting in "big chairs" where ever we go. She just wants to do what everyone else is doing...