Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrating the end of a beautiful year!

We spent our evening visiting with friends and saying goodbye to Incahoots.

Our friends are celebrating the arrival of their new son home from the NICU. We wanted to spend some time with them tonight. We had a really nice time and I think this visit totally made Addie's whole day. This is the first time she got to feed a "real" baby and she was so ecstatic! She was so good to Andrew! Oddly enough, Addie wasn't the least bit jealous when I was holding the baby, but she didn't like it at all when Julien took him! Julien loved holding the baby and talked about him the rest of the night!

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Incahoots for dinner. Since it was their last night, we thought there would be no better place to have dinner. We had a good time and met some very nice people! I hate to see the restaurant go.

Thank you Terrie and Brandon for allowing us to spend this time with you! You are blessed with two beautiful boys!


The Butlers said...

No, Thank you. We enjoyed every minute of it. Can't think of a better end to the New Year than to see that sweet baby on her birthday! Thank you for the visit! Julien can come hold Andrew anytime and Addie can come help feed him anytime too!