Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chunk and Omnicef

I couldn't delay any longer. After weeks of fighting the germ infestation, we went to see Dr. Davis today. Good news is that Monkey's tubes are clear and still in place. The "bad" news is that Monkey Chunk has another upper respiratory infection and is just miserable.

When I started telling Dr. Davis about all the fevers and problems we have had over the last several months, he brought up what I knew was coming. We are going to watch Monkey over the next couple of months (if she responds to the antibiotics) and then see how many more URI's she has. If the problems continue, Dr. Davis will do a sleep study, followed by an adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. All of which is perfectly fine by me!

Although nothing is set in stone, I can tell you that I am already dreading the thought of a sleep study. Dr. Davis will not do the surgery without the sleep study on a special needs patient. I am grateful that he takes surgery so seriously and takes every precaution. He has a daughter with special needs and I don't doubt for a second that he is a better doctor because of his daughter.

So, here we are...living in our wait and see world.


Polly & Steve said...

Poor little Monkey, My son wanted to have he tonsills out in 4th grade, because all of his friends didn't have their's. They tried to tell him and he kept saying but you get all the ice cream you want. Well needless to say the night before he had the nurses hopping doing his bidding and the next day after surgery, he was alegeric to the sleeping medicine, and he vomited all day and night. When he came out of the operating room he said "Take me home Momma, I'm not having fun any more". Poor baby had to stay another day longer. Good luch. You have a great Doctor.
Much love and hugs,

Nicole said...

Poor baby. Hope she feels better soon.

The Butlers said...

Hope she feels better soon! We'll be praying for her (and you too)
Love ya