Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet treat

A treat that is a two-fold memory.

I was completely crazy over M&M's when I was little and managed to pass the craziness down to my children. For Julien's 1st Birthday, we had an M&M theme, with all the accessories purchased straight from the M&M Mars company in Las Vegas - just plain crazy. The sentimental side of me couldn't ever get rid of the last two candles that were never used ten years ago. I asked Julien this morning if he minded if we used them for Addie because it would be so special and "fitting". Of course, he readily agreed.

My Mom made me an M&M cake when I was little and I wanted Addie to have the same...with one exception. I don't bake. I didn't want a typical bakery cake, so I enlisted the help of Kay at Home Plate Cooking. I told her what I was wanting and she didn't hesitate to make it for me! It was PERFECT and Addie loved it!