Saturday, December 06, 2008

Helena Christmas Parade

Good grief...that was a lot of candy!

Julien and his teammates were in the Helena Christmas Parade this afternoon. In preparation for the big event, I made a trip to Target to pick up a few bags of candy... just a few.

Julien had such a great time in the parade and the weather was perfectly fitting for the day. It's not too often in Alabama that we really get to enjoy the cold weather. Christmas in short sleeves is not a far too distant memory. We had nothing to complain about today!

Chunky Monkey is fighting yet another cold, so I kept her in the car for as long as I could before the parade started. There was no way that either one of us was going to miss it!

E.R. Baby snuggled in close to Monkey as the parade started and Monkey was so sweet and said "hi" to everyone! You should have seen how excited Monkey was to see Julien come by! To top off her excitement, she got three necklaces, which she is madly in love with!

These are memories that will last a lifetime!