Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bad day at the park

The weather has been so yucky lately that we haven't been able to play outside very much. Since we had a few good hours this afternoon, I took Addie to the park closest to our home instead of her favorite one. This park doesn't have the really neat baby swings, so we had to take this one for a test run. Not good! The first two pictures are when I first put Addie in the swing. The other three are seconds later and more pictures. That would be because Addie hit melt down! Addie doesn't quite know how to hold on yet and was very nervous in the swing! I tried taking her for a walk and letting her play on the slide, but each time I tried to put her down, it just upset her. Next time, I'll make the drive up to her favorite park!


Nicole said...

She looks so sweet in the top pic! She'll get the hang of those new swings soon! Love her "big girl" shoes!