Thursday, February 21, 2008

Camera spotter

I was in the kitchen taking the camera out of the bag when I saw Addie trying to peek around the corner. I held up the camera and this was the response I got!

We took Julien and Addie out to watch the lunar eclipse tonight. It was really neat, I am so glad we didn't miss it! Julien thought it was "so cool" and Addie enjoyed the cool night air!


Nicole said...

that little ham is so funny! i know she keeps you laughing. glad to hear the good report from her ears, maybe the tubes will stay put for a while longer and give her a break from those mean old ear infections. praying the braces make her legs and feet stronger so she can be up and running soon.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she just threw the cat off of the blanket and got caught!! Praying for her everyday. Looking forward to seeing you all at baseball.

Susan Wiggonton

Jeremy & Kim said...

She sure loves the camera!! Glad to hear her ears are better, hopefully the tubes will hold out for a while longer! We will pray that the braces make her little legs strong and she will be walking soon!!