Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Addie vs. the dishwasher

The mean dishwasher won! Chris and I were cleaning the kitchen after dinner tonight and Addie was sitting on the floor right next to us, but she had managed to scoot right by the dishwasher. The door was down and we're not exactly sure what happened, but we think she must have turned her head to look at Chris and bumped her eye on the dishwasher. She had the most pitiful cry! Chris made the comment that he now knows what a "boo-boo" cry sounds like!


Jenn said...

Poor Baby! She is tough though!

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Sweet Girl, if it's not the mean swing at the park, it's the mean dishwasher at home. I'm sorry.

Is Addie going to have her first black eye MaMa?


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

The bottom picture is too sweet. She's asking why did this happen to me?

Give her hugs & kisses for me.

Heather said...

Poor little angel...Addie, the next time that dishwasher tries to mess with you, you show it who's boss!
Just like in the second picture where you're saying to the dishwasher, "What? Huh? You want a piece of me? Huh? Bring it on! I can take you!"