Saturday, February 02, 2008

Trey's First Birthday Party!

We enjoyed participating in the celebration of Trey's First Birthday today! Addie and Trey are in the same class at school and have lots of fun together! Check out the second picture where Trey reaches over and touches Addie and then check out her response in the third picture AND the look on Trey's face!


Jenn said...

Too Funny! Poor little Trey was just trying to give her some lovin' and she is like what are you thinking touching me like that. Cute!!!

aunt cissy said...

Too sweet, yes she was definitely looking at him like excuse me. Don't touch the face. ha ha. They are both so adorable.

Nicole said...

that is so funny!! sweet little addie showing some ATTITUDE! poor trey.... made his first move and he was denied!