Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Madness!

Tis the Season!
I am certain that I have previously mentioned that there was a massive outbreak of pregnancies in our little region of the world back in 2006 - and the majority of the births took place between November and December 2006.
Frankly, I expected all of us to birth blonde haired/blued eyed children, but thankfully, that didn't all of us.
So, here we are - four years later - and in birthday party madness!
Since October, we have had at least one birthday party each weekend and we are already booked through December.
Addie feels very special to have received so many invitations and we are honored to celebrate these very special days with her friends!
Addie had a very nice time at our latest party and enjoyed the time with all of her sweet friends!

Addie even participated in the sack race!
She did such a great job and even cried when it was over because she wanted to do it again.

Then it was time.
Time for cake.
Addie knew where it was and kept an eye on it...just to make sure it wasn't going to sneak past her in some way.

Once it was placed in front of her, it never had a fighting chance.

Addie had so much fun in the ball pit.
When her friends decided they were going to jump from the mini trampoline into the ball pit, she was so excited and clapped for them all!
May Addie always be surrounded and blessed by wonderful and loving friends!


Anonymous said...

This year, I am thankful for your blog, for the love of your children, for your ability to speak about them from your heart and soul and for the way you make being a mom look so simple. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time together this season.

jennohara said...

Adde's so blessed to have such an amazing group og friends!