Monday, November 22, 2010

Email From a Friend

Nothing like a beautiful email to brighten my day - see below:

Hey Jennifer…

I just had to share a sweet story about Addie from Friday afternoon. I had arrived to pick "T" up from school and Addie met me at the door with the biggest, sweetest smile on her face holding her hands up to me. I squatted down to talk to her for a minute. Then I made my way over to "T's" cubby to gather all the projects he had done. Well, Addie followed behind me…and as soon as I picked up the candle/candle holder with the beans that they all made, she leaned up to blow out the candle. It was so sweet. Then we were looking at it together and she leaned towards it to smell it. Sweet girl!

Thought I would share…hope you have a wonderful day!!