Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Could Someone Please

Bring me my cane?

Over dinner tonight, we were talking about Julien's school, specifically about typing class.
I asked if he was doing well in the class and turning in all of his papers.

Which led to the question from him, "What do you mean turn in a paper?", "There is nothing to turn in.".

As the conversation proceeded, I mentioned that when I was in school (gag...I know kids hate hearing those stories!), we had to use an actual typewriter for typing class instead of a computer....
to which he replied,
"I think I've seen pictures of typewriters".

Then Julien had a few questions.

He wanted to know:
Exactly how the typewriter worked;
How to backspace;
How to make a correction - which allowed me to give him a very detailed explanation, right down to the powdery white correction strips;
What would happen if the ink ran out and what exactly I meant by, "change the ribbon" and;
How to submit a paper for grading.

He was more than surprised that our teachers actually had to grade - a piece of paper.
(I think he was extremely surprised that our teachers actually sat in the front of the classroom, on a stool and watched us, spoke to us and taught us things...instead of sitting in the back of the classroom directing the class to an assignment on the computer and proceeding about their business)

ask your children if they submitted all of their work for typing class...
apparently that is a dumb question for anyone who thinks there is not such a thing as,
a dumb question.
I can prove you wrong - all day long
(and my 8th grade physics teacher will back me up on that).


Donna said...

I have a typewriter at my mom's house that I bought with the money I received for my high school graduation. You're more than welcome to it if you want!

Granna said...

I still keep a typewriter in the library for completing forms...use it about once every two years. When I pull it out the kids (middle school) have a fit and just have to play with it. They have no idea how excited I was when I purchased this one about 15 years ago...it had it's own correction ribbon!

Nicole said...

How funny! I had to explain to Kaylyn the concept of life without cell phones and internet the other day. She wondered how we ever got anything done or did any shopping!