Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Morning

Thanksgiving morning did not start out well.
Monkus is sick, yet one more sinus and ear infection.
While Chris, Julien and I prepared for lunch, I let Fungus Monkus take as many bowls as her little heart desired out of the cabinet.
It kept her happy, which meant we were happy.
Thank goodness for family connections...I sent a text asking if there was any way this most beloved family member could pretty please bring an otoscope along with the Turkey.
Thankfully, we got a really good look at Fungus Girls ears and the right tube was open and clear, while the left was filled with beautiful sludge.In case there are those of you that pick apart everything in the background of a photo - yes, that is a mirror near the baseboard on the wall.
That mirror is there for Fungus Monkus and is a wonderful tool to aid in her speech therapy.
She loves looking in the mirror and is more than thrilled to "work" on her speech development...although she has no idea that is what we are doing!


jennohara said...

The thing I noticed first in the picture was that the little princess must have gotten a haircut! :)