Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Lunch

I don't know exactly what happened, other than it was over before I knew it.
I didn't take family pictures and once my behind finally hit a chair, it stayed put for a while.
I was beyond exhausted.
Fungus Girl just had me beyond tired and it never occurred to me to take family pictures...that's just how bad it was.
Cousins kept Monkus occupied playing with wildlife...
had her smiling...
and took her for wagon rides through the house (if that gives you an idea of just how bad I felt, it wouldn't have mattered if the kids would have brought mud pies in the house to bake...I just didn't care).

They had the best time playing...
and M.K. did a great job of showing Fungus Girl how to keep her hands inside the wagon.

Thanksgiving...that's a wrap!
I still can't believe I didn't get any other pictures....Errrr!