Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Official

Julien is now taller than me.

We have had a really rough week.
Anyone that has or has had a "tween" before knows that there are times when you really want nothing more than to pick up the telephone and call DHR to tell them to start heading on over to your house - it's the least anyone can do to take the burden off the neighbors having to call.
Since it is not socially acceptable to take a switch to your children, I resort to sending my oldest to his room until the demons have exited his body.
Usually if I have a rough few days with either one of my children, it means they are getting sick. Not this time though - it was a major growth spurt.
I gave Julien a hug right before bedtime and that's when I noticed that he appeared to be taller than me...I immediately had him follow me downstairs.
I grabbed the tape measure and measured and remeasured and then had Chris check behind me (because girls don't know how to read a measuring tape).
Holy child is now officially half an inch taller than me!
That's so not fair!