Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All I Could Think Was, "Wow".

After I spoke at the Montgomery conference, the very last person to approach me completely amazed me.
She started off the conversation by telling me that she "loved my son".
It was one of those moments when I was desperately trying to put a face with a name and couldn't do it.
She went on to tell me that she was disappointed that I didn't say more about him during the conference (ouch).
After a minute or so of talking, she told me that she admired the relationship that Julien had with Addie...
Almost two years back, Chris and I went to a meeting, which thankfully, provided childcare.
We were more than comfortable with letting Addie and Julien go to the childcare area because of the person who would be watching them (the wife of one of my favorite physicians).
Also in the childcare area was this lady and as much as I tried, I couldn't recall meeting her before.
She told me that watching Julien and Addie that night made an amazing impression on her.
She said that the love that Julien showed for Addie was unbelievable and that she has often thought of him.
As she was talking, she started to cry.
She told me about her children and how she worries that her oldest will not bond with the youngest (who has special needs) and at the times when she worries the most, she always thinks back to Julien.
She thinks of Julien and she prays that her children will have the bond that mine do.
We continued to talk for quite a while and she just about left me speechless.
It was amazing.
It was amazing to hear her tell me such beautiful things about Julien and how he left such an impact on her heart.
Can you imagine?
I walked out of there with such a mixture of emotions.
I was overwhelmed by the thought of how God had put Julien in her path - completely unbeknown to me for almost two years - and I was beyond grateful for Julien and for the opportunities before me.


Anonymous said...

Julien is beyond amazing and I am lucky to "know" him through your blog...You have done a wonderful job raising him...Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

WoW Jenn, this literally brought tears to my eyes! I was choked up on my next phone call at work! Julien is a wonderful big brother and God has given him such a special heart full of love for Addie! Their bond is so beautiful! Carie

Julie said...

I agree with her! I love seeing the bond that those two have. It really comes out in your photos and stories. : )