Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the special things in life that really counts

How cute is this little guy!?
Can you imagine the copays Mommy Monkey forked out?

This quilt was in the works for Addie for months.

A friend/co-worker told me about a family member that had made a monkey quilt and of course, my ears just perked right up!

After making sure exactly what I was wanting, these amazing people started to work on the quilt.
I don't know how long it took to make for Addie, but my heart is ever so grateful for the time and effort that went into making this quilt.

Growing up, we always had quilts that were handmade by our Grandmother. In fact, Julien is asleep under one right now.
It's amazing how that art seems to be fading, so imagine how thrilled I was to have this made - especially for Addie.

(When I was pregnant with Julien, a customer where I worked offered to make a quilt for Julien and of course, I couldn't say "no"! So, he has one as well.)

It's important for the little, special things in life to continue.
In this time where it seems everything is falling apart all around us, we still have the little things. The things that are special to us and that brings comfort to us.

Thank you M.B. for coordinating this effort, as always, I appreciate you!


Kim said...

What a beautiful quilt...I love it! It is perfect for your little monkey! I love quilts, I am very blessed to have several...my mom and grandmother make quilts, still do til this day!!