Sunday, June 28, 2009

More, more, more


We have more words:




To top that off, Chunky Monkey is showing me just how much she knows. Each time I take Addie out for a walk, we are always looking for things. We look for dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, pine cones, etc...

I think the heat has forced all living creatures to take cover, because on our last few outings, there has been nothing to see except a few lone tumbleweeds in the distance.

As we are passing by the houses where there should be dogs and cats out, Addie holds out her arm and points. Following that, she either says "woof" or "meow". She is trying to find the animals. She is trying to show me where they live.

I think the neighbors a mile down the road probably heard me shriek like a little girl when Addie did it the first time, just a few nights ago.

Addie is amazing! Although she gets so frustrated when she tries to talk and tell us something, I try to calm her down and let her know that it's OK. It's OK, because I know she knows what she is trying to say...which means - she's getting it.

She's getting it you know what that means?

She's proving them wrong and once again proving to this world the amazing power of prayer!


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

You rock Addison Ellis!!! I'm so proud of you!!!