Monday, June 22, 2009

Faster than the baby

Well, at some point in the last two years, a Mommy invented a game known in her house as, "Faster than the Baby". The goal of this game is to put the diaper on the baby before the baby pulls all the wipes out of the container, put the shoes on the baby before the baby pulls her socks off, wipe the nose of the baby before the said baby can turn away or block the would be wiper, etc...

Yesterday, the goal was for one said Mommy to make it from the living room to the powder room before baby could follow Mommy. The Mommy in question every so often, likes to go tee-tee all by know? This Mommy thought she was winning the game until she heard the little baby crawling at top speed through the kitchen and down the hall. Mommy immediately put her hand up and said, "stop" to prohibit baby from crawling onto the powder room floor. Baby sat up, looked at Mommy, said "stop" and nodded her head.

Baby is one very smart little girl.


Anonymous said...

Baby sure is smart! Thanks be to God for the wonderful workers and teachers she has had (including the family)that has helped her get this far!! Stay tuned readers because there is surely more to come!