Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You have got to be kidding me!

Butler is wreaking havoc in my home! Last night he knocked over his plate of crackers, left cracker crumbs on the kitchen floor and then decided to spend the night in the freezer. To top that off, he was trying to get into the box of ice cream sandwiches this morning - BUSTED!
Thankfully, Julien decided to take him to school today so I didn't have to worry about him destroying the house while we were away! When Julien got home from school, he decided to read Butler "The Night Before Christmas" to help him feel more "at home".

The magic will be over too quickly!


*Staci* said...

I have heard about those elves! That sounds too fun...I just hope he doesn't tear up your house too much!! Julien is such a sweetheart. I hope little miss Addie is feeling better!

Jenn said...

Too cute!

Nicole said...

Too funny!!! Maybe he will behave himself today....probably not!

Aunt Nonna said...


You better behave. Santa's helpers are suppose to be good, no more wreaking havoc.


You have a few days to get him in shape. We'll see you soon.