Friday, December 21, 2007

Circle time

Tosha, Addie's OT gave this picture to me today. This was taken on Halloween (obviously) during circle time. I am helping Addie with signs during the songs - which she loves! I thought this was a very special picture and brings about a lot of emotion for me. Today has been tough.


Nicole said...

love, LOVE these pics. so sweet!

Aunt Nonna said...

This IS a very special picture. Jenn, you are amazing with Addie & a HUGE part of her accomplishments are because of YOU! Continue to be strong, you have a wonderful support group to help get you past the tough days.

aunt cissy said...

This is an awesome picture. As Rhonda said you are amazing with Addie and with helping her reach her goals. You have a huge group of friends and family that would do anything for you, Addie, Chris and Julien. Gabi and I love you very much.