Thursday, December 20, 2007

Go figure!

Well, well, well...Butler wasn't concerned about the threat of leaving him home alone to play with the cats....
He DESTROYED my kitchen last night!

Here's the long version of the story, in bits and pieces:

Part 1
Yesterday, I found out that the lady I hired to bake Addie's birthday cake is having unplanned surgery and will be unable to bake the cake. After calling around to all of my "back up" people and the only bakeries that I like, I'm still left with no one. I have one call left before I have to give in to the last resort (not a big deal, it's just that the lady who was baking the cake also made our wedding cakes/cheese cake and anniversary cheese cake - she is just very special to us)...

Part 2
Addie doesn't sleep well and ALWAYS wakes me up four to six times each night. Last night at 3:30, I woke up to Julien tapping me on the arm, "Mom, Butler is trying to bake us a cake". What I realized at that moment was Addie had slept a full FIVE HOURS without waking me up...but then Julien woke me up! This of course meant that Addie woke up; so within the next two hours, she was awake another three times...Those five glorious hours were very much needed!!!!
Julien was thrilled and couldn't believe Butler. He decided he was going to camp out with Butler in the living room the rest of the night, just to keep him from destroying anything else...

Part 3
When Julien woke up this morning (for the second time), he came straight in the bathroom and informed me that Butler was just trying to help since he knew that I was trying to find someone to bake Addie's cake...
Julien is ALWAYS thinking of others and trying to bail Butler out at the same time!


Nicole said...

too funny. that's sweet butler, but next time try being a little more quiet so you don't wake everyone in the house! he was only trying to help...right?

Aunt Nonna said...


That's a good change of pace, you still made a mess, but you hade good intentions.

Thank you for trying to help.