Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Since Addie is having a tough time and missing "her" Julien, we decided to head up to Nashville to see him for the weekend.

Our first stop of the weekend was at Dave and Busters.
It was our first experience at a Dave and Busters and the kids had a blast!
It was crazy busy, dark and super loud and total sensory overload, but Addie followed Julien around like a little puppy and she enjoyed virtually every second.
In the process of trying to climb onto the motorcycle, she fell and got a nasty bruise on her entire shin.
She started to cry when Julien picked her up, but as soon as he gave her a hug, then held her at arms length to ask if she was OK, the tears dissipated as quickly as they had come.


We stayed out until almost midnight, which resulted in one extremely exhausted Little Monkey.

Her exhaustion didn't prevent her from being up bright and early to eat breakfast and then head to the pool before our next adventure.

I decided to try to counteract a night of playing video games, by heading over to the Parthenon.

Athena was quite the impressive sight.

"Sup?" asks my oldest as he offers a fist bump in true 15 year old fashion. 

Prompting his shadow to do the same.

We finished the afternoon viewing the exterior of the Parthenon.
Julien decided to play a game of hide and seek with Addie who was acting so silly.

Our weekend visit was short, but eventful.
Thank goodness, Julien will be home soon!

June 21, 2014


jennohara said...

I love that last pose! So silly! What a lucky girl to be able to visit her Julien.