Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Splash Pad Season!

Here we are again right in the middle of splash pad season.
We started out the summer at Addie's favorite splash pad - a mere 1 1/2 hours away.
It was just the beginning to our summer adventures.

Once she figures out how to push that button, I'm going to be in big trouble!

Chris and I never have the "luxury" of sitting idly by and watching Addie play.
We are always having to watch her very closely (just like I did with Julien), and we not only have to sometimes give her direction and encouragement, but we always have to watch the other kids playing around her.
They drive us crazy.
Just like every year before, we have the battle of the buckets.
I will never understand why kids think it's OK just to snatch things out of other kids hands.

I think Chris and I spent more time asking politely for the return of Addie's buckets than we did actually just watching her play.

When kids asked nicely, Addie always shared her buckets, and why I haven't started my own bucket business yet, I don't know.

Addie no longer has a fear of running through the water, she loves it!

She loves even more trying to tackle me and get me soaking wet.

Our afternoon of fun came to a screeching halt when another child knocked Addie down, resulting in a bruised hand, knee and thigh (for Addie).
My Little Monkey has her own evil ways, but I'm trying desperately to instill manners in her.
She is sweet and kind and will be back out at another splash pad soon, hoarding buckets and bloodying knees.


Jeania B said...

How Fun! She is getting so big and is beautiful as always! Hope you guys have a great summer!

Lisa said...

She's so beautiful and happy - and so sure-footed with athletic legs! You all have come so very far after so much hard work. It's nice to see the results!