Saturday, July 05, 2014

Independence Day!

While remembering the true reason for this long and very beautiful weekend, we managed a good bit of downtime.

My brother and sister in law was gracious enough to host a July 4 party at their house, and then brought us back again today for round two.
That meant that Addie enjoyed two full days of pool time.

She was a crazed Monkey and refused to be extracted from the water.
I think she was daring me to try it.

She hoarded every flotation device within a five mile radius
even learned to kick her feet hard enough to splash everyone in sight.

She loved it.

In the midst of pool toy/flotation device hoarding, she also learned to pull the trigger on a water gun.
Occupational Therapy even on a major holiday - check.

Something so small makes me so very happy!

We had a fantastic weekend and a ton of fun!
Phase I of Summer 2014 - that's a wrap.


Cindy said...

Love that smile! And that pool looks so inviting!