Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thanks Pelham...

for turning 50.
That gave us a great excuse for Addie and Jaycob to spend the afternoon together.

Although Addie and Jaycob loved playing together, it is July - in Alabama - and so incredibly hot.
The trip to the bouncy house was more like an effort to retreat from the melting asphalt.

Despite Julien's best efforts, Addie joined Jaycob on stage for the hula hoop contest.
Julien, being the very protective big brother, didn't want Addie up on stage and was worried about her falling.
I assured him she would be fine and once she had her hula hoop in hand, I went back to my seat and let Jaycob watch over her.

Jaycob and Addie had the best time!

Nothing like a little improvisation, and they never missed a beat!

They had fun eating ice cream, keeping Julien alert and on his toes, having their hands painted, getting balloon hats, and refusing the offer of taking home their very own turtle, lizard or tarantula.

The afternoon was fun - and entertaining.