Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Single Orange Male Cat in search of loving home.
A home free of judgement and breakables.
A home where I am free to explore tops of cabinets, knock a variety of glass fixtures off the top and snicker when they shatter on the floor below.
Preferably a home with an Olympic size swimming pool, multiple feather beds and two to three catnip filled mice per room.
The home must provide humans who will act as my own personal massage therapists and shall not prohibit me from joining them in the shower or tub, and who will allow me to freely play in the potty as I see fit.
I am a strapping 16 pounds of lovable fluff who will hiss at anyone who tries to enter the home.
I also have a knack for intimidating unsuspecting strangers with my clawless paws and ear splitting meows.

My current owners call me, "D**n't Rudy", although sometimes they just call me, "Rudy".


Anonymous said...

He puts the Rude in Rudy. :)