Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Little Helper

One of the daily challenges around our house is finding things that Addie can help with, while giving her a feeling of independence.
It is one of the most difficult tasks.
She absolutely adores being a helper and when she can do something all by herself, she is happy to tell everyone within a five mile radius - for days.

She enjoys helping me wash fruits and vegetables, but 99.9982% of the time, I end up with a small water park running through my kitchen.
So for now, I demoted her to fruit and vegetable rinser.
However, she also has the big job of plucking the grapes from the vine and depositing them in baggies.
We usually end up with about 72% of the partially mutilated grapes in baggies, while 11% of the grapes end up in the dark depths of the garbage disposal, and the remaining 17% in her tummy.

I am still working on her learning to remove each little stem from the grapes.
She is aware of what the stems are and that she is supposed to remove them, but sometimes it's too tough for her to be able to grasp each stem and remove it from the grape.
She tries!

It's all a work in progress!
I just love that she is happy and enjoys being my little helper, so I will continue to resist the urge to step in and do things myself in order to speed up the process and I will make sure I always keep extra towels on hand, because I'm going to need them.

She is such a sweetheart and her determination melts my heart!


jennohara said...

Love it! She is a great little helper!

Annamaria162 said...

Oh Jennifer. She is so beautiful! I've thought about Addie so often. I still have pictures from her first birthday party on my wall.