Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer Months...

As many of you are aware from my previous years of whining;
 it's summer, it's Alabama, schedules are anything but consistent...and it's Alabama.
This is my least favorite time of year.

Julien started football practice today - 2 a days.
A working parents nightmare.
He came home happy and worn out, so the benefits outweigh the scheduling chaos.
and, it will pass before I even know it.

Addie is enjoying summer camp, the activities and the other children.
Us, not so much.
Her lack of nighttime sleeping has me exhausted
and I really need someone to design a summer camp meal plan for the next four weeks.
I despise having to be creative and come up with new things to pack for breakfast, snack, lunch and snack.
My creativity is limited to whatever I can find on any blog or website from other creative PlanetBox people.
I don't have mini cookie cutters to enable the multitude of fancy and child friendly designs that adorn other children's lunches, so as long as the options maintain a square or round shape, I can usually follow along.

Despite my petty complaining, summer has been good to us.
Unlike summers past, we have avoided stitches, multiple trips to various physician's offices, and my favorite - late night ER visits when I am makeup-less with wet hair.
We all have had our - more than fair share - of bumps and bruises, but what's summer without a few minor injuries along the way?

Life is good, I am beyond blessed for all that we have and the daily miracles I see in my Little Monkey.
Although I have lots of road bumps in my daily life right now, nothing makes me happier than knowing at the end of the day, I have three sweet - and often crazed - people to come home to.