Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Favorite Oldest Brother

As I mentioned, my favorite oldest brother and his girlfriend met us in Canada for dinner - and, at my request, to escort us to Detroit.

We got into Detroit way past bedtime and much to our surprise, my brother had our room keys waiting for us, and
had taken the liberty of supplying us with enough snacks to last a week
had something waiting especially for Addie.

~ ~ ~

My family, never once, questioned Addie's abilities or disabilities, or her diagnosis.
They have loved her unconditionally from the very first moment.
It is even more special to me that my brother who sees Addie maybe once a year, is one of her biggest cheerleaders.
Not only that, his girlfriend, MaryRose has loved Addie since the moment she first met her.
She was amazing.
She walked into my home like she paid half the mortgage, took control of preparing dinner and did everything she could to make that night wonderful.
You can't repay people for those kinds of acts.

~ ~ ~

They are kind and caring people who wanted to make sure that our visit was perfect.

Simple enough, a "Welcome to Michigan" sign and four stuffed animals, but it left me speechless.
It was overwhelming.
It's funny how things can bring memories flooding back.

However, this was a perfect welcome.

It truly was so sweet to walk into the room and see this:

My favorite oldest brother, he makes me proud beyond words.