Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hershey, PA

Our day in Hershey was so much fun!

Addie was such a little helper throughout the morning and wanted to know exactly what we were doing each step along the way.
She was full of questions!

She carried my Mom's wallet around for her the entire time.
Mom thought it was because Addie is so sweet, I thought maybe Addie had an ulterior motive in mind.

Why yes, Addie does make other people carry her babies for her.
We all found ourselves walking around carrying baby dolls without giving it a second thought.
Whatever it takes to make Addie happy.

We, of course, took a tour of the "factory".
The factory was all simulated, but still very well done and worth the time.

The building is undergoing construction, so everyone was even more cautious with Addie than we normally would have been.
Addie's body guards escorted her down the stairs - and did a fine job I might add.

You know it's a good day when teenagers smile and look at the camera.

I can't remember what had their attention, but it was obviously important.

All smiling...still a win.

We took the bus ride through the town.
It's technically a trolley tour, but everyone was forbidden to call it anything but a bus ride.
From the moment we left home, all Addie asked about was the "bus".
She - for whatever reason (maybe Disney last year?) - got it in her mind that we were going to ride a bus and it was my mission to find a bus for her to ride.

We absolutely enjoyed everything about the bus ride and learning the history of Hershey was incredibly fascinating.

Amusement Park - closed for the winter.

The street lights around town were pretty neat.
(Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?!?!?)

The original plant is being demolished.

The rotunda in Founders Hall.

We were only halfway through the day, and the Little Monkey was starting to glaze over.

Up next, we all made our own chocolate bars.
Very neat.

E.R. Baby was not placed in the locker's where all personal items should have been stored.
As. If.

Everywhere we turned at Chocolate World, there was an employee handing out chocolate.
It almost felt like Halloween - we ended up with bags full of chocolate just by walking from area to area. 

I would love to go back to Hershey, PA.
The town has a very warm and welcoming feel.
 It left us feeling like there really was still good in the world...and a whole lot more chocolate bars still left to buy - all for a very good cause, of course.