Sunday, April 20, 2014


(Happy Easter! - This Blog is still catching up from Spring Break)

I have been to Canada more times than I can count.
Each and every experience has been - rather remarkable.
My Mother was adamant that we take the kids to Canada, and while everyone but Gabi and Addie had been at some point, it was necessary that we all go again.

After I convinced the border patrol guard that just because we are from Alabama didn't mean that we had brought an arsenal of firearms with us, we were granted access to a beautiful day of memories.
...and I was most appreciative of the barrage of questions...

The experience is similar to that of visiting the Grand Canyon.
A lot of standing around, just looking at the beauty before us, yet enamored with the enormity of it all. 

~ I remembered that I had this photo!  1978...probably sometime in the summer months! ~
Me with my Dad and Grandmother.

I'm not sure that Addie knew what to think of it all!


Cindy said...

Gorgeous pictures. My husband has visited, but I've never been there. I love the vintage photo of you and your dad! That's awesome!