Friday, April 11, 2014

FAO - Addie's BIG Surprise!

After I found out we were going to New York, it took me all of a nanosecond to decide we needed to go to FAO Schwartz.

Not because of this, 

but because of this - The Middleton Doll Nursery!
Both of my niece's had this opportunity when they were younger and Addie needed the opportunity as well..
After all, Addie and her love of baby dolls is precious and her desire to be a Mommy to every baby doll in the world is so sweet.

We were watching over her like hawks.
The store was three floors of enormousness and lots of people.

When Addie saw the nursery full of babies, it was understandably overwhelming.

There were two employees who were trying to help her decide.

I think she pointed to every single one of them.

(geez...the flash of the camera sure can be distracting)

I finally asked the employee to get a couple of the babies out and let Addie hold them in hopes that would help her with her decision making process.

We started with the one everyone wanted Addie to get.
It was adorable!
...but weighed five pounds and was an armful of baby!

Addie then held the three pound baby and it was a much better fit for her.

Her sweet face makes me smile.

We had a winner.
Addie was immediately in love.

We had to go through a lengthy adoption process and Addie was grilled incessantly on her Mothering skills.

It wasn't long until the process was complete and it was time to take pictures in the big chair with Addie's new baby.