Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Pittsburgh, PA

When Julien took off running, I didn't have any time to put on Addie's jacket and it was freezing, so I grabbed my jacket and wrapped her up while we were running after Julien.
Addie thought it was hilarious!

I made sure that I packed Addie's Steeler's jersey and football hoodie and had it ready for her to wear for Julien.
I didn't get one single picture of them together in their jersey's.
Addie was too frozen to try to remove the jacket for better photo op's!

Although it was so cold, we took the time to explore and I'm so glad we did.

It was virtually deserted, which gave us more time to enjoy the view.

Pitiful attempt on my husband's part to try to match Julien's height.

Pittsburgh was just a stop on our way to the original destination and I seriously hate that we didn't get a chance to stay longer.
We very much enjoyed the city in the short time we were there.