Monday, April 21, 2014

Canada - Take Two

We had to take a few minutes to thaw out and there was no better place than the local gift shop/wildlife viewing area.

Addie has issues with Santa, the Easter Bunny and anything resembling a clown (smart, smart girl), but has zero problem approaching a gigantic bear.

She even insisted on holding his hand for the picture.

Julien owns jackets.
We even had one mega warm one with us on the trip.
He opted not to wear it.
I opted not to unnecessarily raise my stress level.
He is 15.
If you have had one of those people in your life, you understand.

Addie - was giggling and attempting to do, "Super Ballerina!".
The sun was blinding us.
I'm pretty certain my toes were completely numb.

I don't know if they were all delirious or they just knew that they didn't have an option but to smile for the camera.
Either way...

They were all full of laughs!

My sister, Julien and I ran across four lanes of traffic, over a muddy median and through frozen grass to get to this spot.
After all that, he was going to take a picture with me and act happy about it!

As you can imagine, this was not peak season at Niagara Falls.
I was not complaining.
There was zero wait time at a popular restaurant and while we were all busy chatting, the waitress took Addie's baby and got him a chair of his own.

When Addie spotted him, she was concerned enough that she had to get up and make sure he was OK.

After lunch, we proceeded West - and Addie was exhausted!
We were all so incredibly quiet in hopes that she would take an extra long nap and be in great spirits for our next surprise!

We had an uneventful five hour drive through farm lands - and other than high winds and a little rain, the weather was great - considering what we could have been encountering.


jennohara said...

Awww everyone looks like they were having such a great time!! Love that picture of you and Julien!!